Welcome to St James

St James is a growing, all-age, evangelical Christian community in Carlisle, with a particular focus on the community of Denton Holme, Longsowerby and Cummersdale.  

We are passionate about

  • Loving Jesus
  • Serving the community
  • Growing disciples

There are numerous activities taking place throughout the week around the parish, and in Cornerstone, our coffee bar and charity shop on Denton Street, as well as services every Sunday morning and evening, complete with children’s and young people’s programs.

Throughout the week different groups meet, spending time together, praying, learning, supporting each other, ministering to others, doing practical things or just having a good time together.

Everyone is welcome to join us, wherever you may be on your spiritual journey. We trust that you will find us to be friendly, authentic and committed to a faith in Jesus that is relevant to everyday life. We look forward to meeting you.

Services on Sunday 24th November

St James, Carlisle

10:30am Family Worship

Martin Rutty

6:30pm Evening Worship

Paul McVittie

St James, Cummersdale

10:30am Morning Worship

Paul McVittie

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Upcoming Events

Leisurely Lunch - 21st November 2019

Youth Weekend - 22nd November 2019

Youth Weekend Away - 22nd November 2019

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St James Carlisle

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St James Carlisle

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St James' Church
St James' Road

Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm