Santa Sorlie


Santa has been working in Montenegro since January 2018.

This tiny Balkan nation with an Adriatic coastline has a small number of evangelical believers in a handful of churches. Two-thirds of Montenegrins have an Eastern Orthodox identity; the remainder are mostly Muslim or Catholic. Few people practise their faith, however cultural identities are very strongly held, and in common with other Balkan societies, superstition dominates the thinking of many people.

Having spent time learning the language and adapting to the culture, Santa is pursuing opportunities to interact with locals in Bar, Montenegro. She has begun to teach crafts to a group of Ukranian ladies who want to invite their Ukrainian and Russian friends. She spends time with a Muslim lady teaching English to her daughters and socializing with her extended family. She provides fidget knee blankets for residents of a local care home who have Alzheimer’s, giving her opportunities to share with the director and his staff. She is in the process of registering a local company, “Santa’s Workshop,” to use crafts and visits to her workshop as a means to reach women and  hopes to have an import business for crafts.

St James' Church
St James' Road

Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm