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Supporting Christians from the Majority World in their Biblical studies, writing and preaching

Langham Partnership is a christian charity, borne out of the vision and work of John Stott, and the whole ethos of Langham is to equip the modern church with a new generation of bible teachers, particularly across the Majority World.  The importance of the bible is a key issue for Langham, as it always has been at St James, and our different program streams are all aimed at providing resources and training for pastors and teachers that are relevant to their different cultural contexts and enable a deeper understanding of biblical truths.

Langham Scholars are producing books for Langham Literature, as well as changing the face of evangelical theological education across the world. Langham Literature is publishing scores of books by majority world authors, bringing their theological insight and depth to the western church.  Meanwhile Langham Preaching is annually training somewhere around 10,000 pastors and church leaders in nearly 80 countries in faithful biblical preaching.

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Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm