Garry Ion

Garry Ion(1)Serving since 1995, first with Tearfund and then since 1998 with the Church Mission Society in East Africa

Rooted in the community, the African Church is expected to take care of spiritual and physical needs. This is difficult as the local church leadership often endures the same poverty as those they are expected to help. Coming alongside them, it is important to build relationships before buildings, which takes time! There is a huge need to bridge the gap between needy isolated communities and outside supporters.

My mission is to build good relationships with isolated church communities who often struggle to implement development plans. My role isn’t so much to “do” but to understand, encourage and empower so they can meet people’s needs. In practice this means regularly meeting and praying with church leaders so I can respond appropriately. It is a privilege to work in this way. My role includes much prayer, planning, supervision of projects, report writing and travelling across East Africa. Recent projects have included constructing primary and secondary schools, churches and health institutes.

St James' Church
St James' Road

Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm