Film & Pizza Night

ThRuth writes: ‘We are also holding a pizza and film night at Cornerstone on Saturday 6th November, from 5-8pm. This is for the older youth (year 9 and above), and can hopefully be a time that they can reconnect to church, and their church friends. I know that’s this could be quite daunting for a lot of them, and I would like to offer a further invite to any friends that they would like to invite, whether from school, or somewhere else.

There is no formal cost to this event, just an optional donation. It would be great to know in advance a rough number of people going, so please let me know if your young person plans to come or bring friends, when you know (email, call 07528 495288).

St James' Church
St James' Road

Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm