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kepplewrayKepplewray opened its doors in 1998 and is centred on a Victorian mansion at Broughton in Furness, Cumbria. Kepplewray is all about opportunity together. It is a Christian charity promoting the integration and inclusion of disabled people into all the opportunities of life alongside able bodied people.

Its aim is to expose the Christian faith and not to impose it. This means that Kepplewray welcomes guests of all faiths or none and there is daily opportunity for quiet reflection, prayer and worship.

As a holiday centre for families and groups Kepplewray’s activities range from field studies, extensive outdoor pursuits, personal and team development, arts and crafts and specialist and instructor courses.

As its logo “Opportunity Together” suggests, Kepplewray aims to break down misconceptions and barriers and to foster tolerance and trust between people of all abilities and backgrounds.

This, our U.K. project, is close at hand giving the opportunity to visit and become involved in the centre.

The Patrons of the project are Jonathan Edwards, Bishop Graham Dow, Stephen Hawking, Roger Uttley and John Libby, chairman of the Kepplewray Trust.

For more information on Kepplewray go to www.kepplewray.org.uk