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Garry Ion with CMS in Uganda and Southern Sudan

Garry IonGarry Ion first went out to Uganda with Tearfund in 1995 to supervise the construction of a training centre for laboratory technicians and nurses at Kiwoko hospital about 50 miles north west of the capital Kampala.

He returned there in 1999 as a Consultant in Construction Planning and Management with CMS working alongside the church in Uganda and Southern Sudan, advising the church on all aspects of building schemes and acting as an intermediary between the church and various sponsors

Born and raised in Cumbria, Garry completed his education at Carlisle College and finally in 1995 the University of Bolton , where recently he received an Honorary Doctorate in Engineering.

He is firmly part of the “St James family” and we have been supporting him since 1998.

Garry has a passionate desire to serve the Lord and witness by his life as well as by his words in East Africa.

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Garry will be visiting St James to talk about his work on Sunday 22 July 2018 and you can catch up with him either at Cummersdale  at 10.30am or at the parish church at our 6.30pm Evening Service.