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cornerstone stripCornerstone is St James’ Coffee bar and second hand goods shop. Along with our Opportunity Shop, we aim to provide good quality goods at affordable prices, and provide a space where people feel welcome, and can chat with someone over a cup of coffee (friends or volunteers). Cornerstone is located on Denton Street in Denton Holme, a busy street with a variety of shops and restaurants.

Our primary aim is to engage the community where it is at. This is achieved through the day to day activities of running a Coffee Bar and Charity Shop, where our volunteers are actively encouraged to build relationships and sit down with customers over a cup of coffee.

We also provide spaces and activities that are designed to engage with the community at a personal relational level. Some of the services and activities are run “in house” with members of the church organising and running them, and others are run by a selection of partners where their activities can be seen to be of benefit to the community in which we live and work.

Some of our activities include:
Social groups, e.g knitting and craft groups

Film nights

Midwife appointments

After School Drop in

An Arts Class run by the Glenmore Trust is run here as part of a community engagement programme

For more information about what’s happening at Cornerstone, please visit the Cornerstone Website, or our Facebook page.