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The Summer 2018 termcard can be viewed/downloaded here.

During the mornings we will be continuing our study of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, described by John Stott as “probably the best known part of the teaching of Jesus…the least understood, and… the least obeyed.” Jesus reveals the values that underpin his Kingdom, and the counter cultural lives we are called to live by.

On 13 May we will be holding a combined service in the Parish Church at 10.30am, to share our vision of St James as a church that is Loving Jesus, Serving the Community and Growing Disciples.

During the school summer holidays the focus of our services in the Parish Church will be on our mission partners around the world, as well as reflecting on our own call to be Christ’s witnesses. At Cummersdale Church we will be studying the book of Malachi. Written over 400 years before the birth of Christ, but looking forward to the coming Messiah, it is a book that has a lot of contemporary resonance, as it speaks of God’s great love for us, and calls us to turn away from shallow religion and instead to live lives of true worship and obedience to God.

Starting in May our evening sermon series will be based around the book Everyday Supernatural. Most Christians believe in God’s power, yet few see evidence of the supernatural in their lives. We will be exploring how to live a Spirit-filled life that is consistent with Scripture, how to use the Spirit’s gifts as everyday tools, and how we can grow in knowledge and experience of the Holy Spirit.

RT Kendall is one of the greatest preachers of his generation. During August we will be listening to his challenging, and highly engaging talks from the New Wine Summer Conference 2017 on the topic of ‘The Church God Wants’.


The Spring 2018 termcard can be viewed/downloaded here.


The Autumn 2017 termcard can be viewed/downloaded here.

This Autumn we will be welcoming back to St James Denton Holme three former Vicar’s as guest preachers: Jim Rushton (24 Sept), Peter Downham (8 Oct) and John Libby (26 Nov). During October we have a mini sermon series exploring the important topic of giving and generosity, leading up to our Gift Day on 29 October. In the evening services we will be reflecting on the character and nature of God in Scripture. On 10 December there will be a special service held in Cummersdale to mark the churches 90th anniversary


The Summer 2017 termcard can be viewed/downloaded here.
During the summer term, in both the morning and evening services we will be exploring the seven marks of a healthy church, based on Robert Warren’s ‘Healthy Church Handbook’. A healthy church is one that is…

1 Energised by faith
2 Has an outward looking focus
3 Seeks to find out what God wants
4 Faces the cost of change & growth
5 Operates as a community
6 Makes room for all
7 Does a few things, and does them well

In looking at these seven marks, I hope it will enable us to identify both our strengths and weaknesses as a church, and help to shape our thinking as we consider our mission priorities. On Sunday July 16th there will be a special joint all age service with the Bishop of Carlisle, to celebrate the churches 150th anniversary. Then throughout August we will be studying the story of Jonah in our morning services, and in our evening worship will be reflecting on the theme of ‘Walking by Faith’, looking at stories well known characters from scripture.


The Spring 2017 termcard can be viewed/downloaded here.
In our morning worship we will be following the account of Joseph found in Genesis, a fascinating story that has a great deal of contemporary relevance.  Our All Age services will be focusing on ‘Friends of God’. In the evenings we’ll be exploring the theme of discipleship, followed by a series entitled ‘The Magnificent 7’ focusing on Jesus’ words from the cross.