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150 Acts of Kindness

During our anniversary year we would like to achieve 150 Acts of Kindness.

150 seems like a big number but it represents one act per adult that attends St James Denton Holme and Cummersdale each Sunday, or twelve and a half acts per month – so not such a frightening figure.

We are hoping that each act will give an opportunity to support the community outside the church and lead to conversations.

There is a display in church to show progress and recorded acts will remain anonymous.  Anything that is a response to a need would be fine. A family could wash the car of a neighbour who is too unwell to do it. A home group could tidy a corner of the street that is an eyesore. We can each think of ways in which our neighbours have needs that we can address in some small way, and our hope is that all our church members of all ages can become involved.

We ask everyone to stay safe and if any advice is required on equipment that may be required, please ask.